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Chris vivía cerca de Seattle cuando era niño y empezó a correr de larga distancia desde muy joven. Corría innumerables milas explorando bosques esmeraldas profundas y sus propios límites. No fue hasta muchos años y miles de millas después cuando empezía a sufrir de un fuerte dolor de cadera. Le afectaba durante la mitad de su carrera universitaria y más allá—incluso después de trabajar con una variedad de profesionales médicos y entrenadores. Persistía durante tanto tiempo que pensaba que el dolor nunca desaparecería. 


Por eso está eternamente agradecido a los fisioterapeutas que miraron más allá de la cadera y le vieron realmente como una persona completa. La disfunción de la zona lumbar se identificó como el problema principal, y el programa de tratamiento fue eficaz para librarle finalmente del dolor de la cadera. El Dr. Gumbs entiende ahora que hay que tener en cuenta a la persona completa cuando esta tratando a una herida o una disfunción. Esta experiencia le ha motivado a buscar el equilibrio y la simetría en la vida para sí mismo y para sus pacientes.

El Dr. Gumbs es un fisioterapeuta manual ortopédico con experiencia en el tratamiento de una amplia variedad de condiciones musculoesqueléticas. Le gusta trabajar con individuos de todos los niveles que quieren llevar una vida activa, y le gusta especialmente trabajar con atletas, aventureros, artistas y cualquier persona con una pasión por el movimiento. Está particularmente interesado en el núcleo profundo y su papel en la estabilización de la columna vertebral y preparándola para el movimiento. También está muy interesado en la disfunción de la cadena cinemática, la influencia de respirar en la postura, la manipulación miofascial incluyendo técnicas como el gua sha, la punción seca y las ventosas, y en última instancia, la restauración del equilibrio del cuerpo humano.


Le gustaría trabajar con usted hacia sus objetivos para que pueda vivir la vida a su máximo potencial—no importa el punto de partida. Como antiguo capitán de un equipo de campo a través y de atletismo, entiende lo que significa marcarse un objetivo y ponerlo en marcha. Además, su experiencia en una variedad de entornos, desde residencias de ancianos hasta clínicas privadas, le ha ayudado a entender cómo conocer a casi cualquier persona dondequiera que se encuentre en el proceso de rehabilitación.


Como fisioterapeuta, su objetivo es darle los tratamientos y las herramientas que necesita para disfrutar de una vida activo. ¡En su tiempo libre, disfruta leer, correr, montar en bicicleta, yoga, acro yoga, slacklining, senderismo, escalada, música en vivo, y probar cualquier cosa nueva.

Thanks for visiting,

See you soon! ¡Nos vemos pronto!

- Dr. Gumbs

Physiotherapist & Running Specialist

Chris Gumbs, PT, DPT, ICDN

Doctor of Physical Therapy

& Running Specialist

Chris Gumbs, PT, DPT, ICDN Doctor of Physical Therapy & Running Specialist


Universidad de San Augustín

Austin, Texas

  • Doctor en Fisioterapia

  • Conferido en diciembre de 2014 con altos honores


Universidad de Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California

  • Licenciatura en Ciencias Combinadas

  • Menor en Estudios Españoles

  • Conferido en diciembre de 2008


Universidad de Alcalá

Alcalá de Henares, España

  • Programa de estudio en el extranjero USC, otoño de 2007

¡Hablo español!

Dr. Chris Gumbs Doctor of Physical Therapy Dry Needling


Melissa W.

via Google

I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Gumbs! He helped me return to running quickly after injury and provided an abundance of resources throughout the process. He is very thorough during each appointment, knowledgeable, and encouraging! I've seen a few PTs as a runner, and Dr. Gumbs is by far my favorite and such an incredible resource here in Austin. During my visits we worked on strengthening exercises, dry needling, gait analysis, and more. He genuinely cares about his patients and provides excellent treatment!

Mitchell H.

via Google

I had an amazing experience at Latitude PT. After dealing with hamstring pain for over a year, and trying various treatment, I decided to check out Latitude. I was immediately impressed with Dr Gumbs during the free video consult that he offers. After 6 visits, I’m back on my bike, and running, and I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before.

Jonas W.

via Google

Chris worked on my heel last summer - I had a pain that wouldn’t go away. He takes a holistic approach, preaching that the pain is just your body trying to tell you something. Chris clearly knows his stuff and cares about his patients. He was always available for questions between sessions, and provided lots of guidance for how to move forward, what stretches to keep up with, etc. I would work with Chris again.

Alivia M.

via Google

Dr. Gumbs is very honest & passionate. He is quick to share his knowledge of the human body & his own experience with PT and trail running. The dry needling was incredible. I was really nervous walking home afterwards, as I felt very tight and sore, but the next day I felt like I had a new leg! My muscles felt more flexible and loose, like I could finally relax them. I also felt more conscious of my walking patterns and I felt that, as long as I continued the exercises Dr. Gumbs recommended, I would be more than capable of changing my muscle/leg alignment. I will definitely consider dry needling in the future as my leg begins tightening up again over time. Thanks Dr. G!

Kathleen D.

via Google

I cannot express how VERY happy I am that I came across Dr. Gumbs! I have seen many different health professionals to try to help me with neck and shoulder pain that have I experienced on and off for years due to my desk bound job. I have by far seen the most improvement just in my couple of visits with Dr. Gumbs than I saw after months with other people. Dr. Gumbs is not only a thoughtful, patient, and compassionate person, but also a very effective physical therapist. He takes his time to really listen to you about the symptoms and issues you are experiencing and then talks you through every step of treatment he is recommending. He is very thorough in his approach and also takes into consideration if other issues might be connected to the main issue that you are experiencing vs treating just directly where you are having the most acute symptoms. I was quite nervous about trying the dry needling, but Dr. Gumbs was so incredibly patient with me and made sure I felt comfortable the whole time and only did as much as I was ok with. And I have to say it offered some of the most immediate relief compared to other modalities I have tried. I 1000% recommend you to come visit Latitude PT!

Peter F.

via Google

Dr. Chris Gumbs gave me a professional and warm welcome, then listened to my history. He talked me through the dry needling procedure then performed the needling while keeping me calm, explaining what he was doing at all times. I left the session feeling better than when I arrived and would recommend him highly.

Amy J.

via Google

I dislocated my patella and sought out PT for the first time in my life at the suggestion of my orthopedist. The knee injury was traumatic, and dealing with the aftermath of insurance and medical treatment was a nightmare. I'm glad I found Chris at Latitude PT, where he provided accessible, affordable 1-on-1 support, separate from the limited, garbage in-network options offered by my health insurance company. I was new to dry needling, and though at times it was intimidating, Chris was reassuring and precise in providing treatment. I learned a lot from Chris about my muscular health, and he was helpful in guiding me toward my goals of being able to walk, run, dance, and ball again. I also greatly appreciated the ease of scheduling online and reviewing detailed follow-up messages to continue making progress with my exercises between sessions.

Jessica N.

via Google

When my back started going out once a week a few months ago I was in complete agony. Luckily I found Dr. Gumbs and after only two sessions I never had an episode again. Over the next few months I continued working with him to build up strength and retrain my body. I’m someone who had never dealt with back issues before but after working together Dr. Gumbs was able to determine that the issue was actually coming from other muscular issues my body was compensating for in my foot, leg, and hip. I was amazed at how much his use of dry needling helped in my recovery. I am eternally grateful to him for getting my life back. I am a very active person and he was able to help me not only regain the ability to move around comfortably again but his running program got me safely running again! He is extremely thorough and listens very attentively. He really took the time to understand everything in my life that could possibly impact my situation. If you are experiencing any pain, please do yourself a favor and don’t wait until you are bedridden like I was before you do something about it. Go see Dr. Gumbs today! Your body will thank you!

Preston D.

via Google

Dr. Gumbs is an incredible physical therapist and an equally great person! Chris helped me overcome knee pain that I had for months. Within a few weeks I was able to start training again and four months after visiting Latitude PT I completed a half Ironman with zero issues. He gets to the root of the problem so that you can keep the pain away for good. I've noticed improvements in both my training and day-to-day movement since working with Chris. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me to better understand how my body works. Thanks Dr. Gumbs!

London B.

via Google

I had been experiencing plantar fasciitis for over 9 months. Within about 6 weeks of seeing Chris (a thorough evaluation, strength/mobility exercises, and dry needling) I was back to running a few miles with no pain! He also referred me to an incredible shoe specialist to get just the right shoes and orthotics. It's been 4 months since our first appointment and I'm now back to running my normal 30-mile weeks (without orthotics!) and am experiencing zero pain. Thanks so much, Chris, for helping me get back to running :)


via Google

Started treatment for a Lifting-induced back injury and not only has it been helped but also learning and making huge strides in mobility and strength all around. Highly recommend this holistic approach which includes manual therapy, needling, stretching, neuromuscular connection and exercise. I’m coming back for more.

Kevin O.

via Google

I've had stress fractures and lower back pain over the years and Dr. Gumbs was the first physical therapist I've had who took a look at how I moved and worked towards fixing the root cause of my pain, rather than more intrusive interventions like shots. I'm running faster and lifting heavier than before, and that's thanks to Dr. Gumbs. Couldn't recommend more!

Jon A.

via Google

I was struggling with foot and lower leg issues for nearly a year before I found relief working with Dr. Gumbs at LatitudePT.  Previous physical therapists provided minor relief, but appointments were short and treatment was limited to the directly affected area.  Dr. Gumbs spent extensive time reviewing my condition and took a whole body approach to my treatment.  Due to social distancing all of my appointments have been through Telehealth (video conferencing) and I'm amazed at how effective they have been.  This method has taught me to take care of my own body which will be beneficial to my long term health.  Overall, I'm very happy with my treatment and the results.  Additionally, I'd say the value of the treatment from LatitudePT significantly exceeds any similar treatment I've received in the past.

Jack W.

a través de Facebook

“Dr. Gumbs es increíble! ¡He tenido dolor de espalda durante más de 10 años y casi había perdido la esperanza de que nunca podría solucionarlo hasta hoy! En solo una sesión, Dr. Gumbs alivió mi dolor e incomodidad y me proporcionó una comprensión clara de por qué estaba experimentando dolor de espalda. ¡Nunca he estado tan feliz! Si tienes algún tipo de dolor y quieres recuperar tu vida, ¡entonces ve a ver a Dr. Gumbs!”

Dawn C.

via Tumbtack

Chris is a truly gifted Physical Therapist! He is very intuitive and sees where the challenge is truly coming from. He treats the body as a whole not just a part. I am thoroughly impressed with my experiences with Chris. He is very talented with dry needling, cupping and manual therapy as well!

Sheri Z.

a través de Thumbtack

“Dr. Gumbs tiene mucho conocimiento sobre el cuerpo humano pero es muy agradable trabajar con él. Sus sesiones de punción seca proporcionaron alivio inmediato del dolor y sus ejercicios de "tarea" con videos fueron útiles y fáciles de seguir. Recomiendo sus servicios de terapia.”

Andrew C.

via Google

Chris helped me in so many ways!  I don't have any back pain any more and my knees have never felt better!  Thank you so much!

Joleene J.

a través de Facebook

“Dr. Gumbs tiene mucho conocimento, es atento y alentador. Su pasión por ayudar a las personas brilla por su trabajo. He recibido mucha fisioterapia en mi vida, y Dr. Gumbs es por cierto uno de los mejores fisioterapeutas que he conocido. ¡Todavía camino más alto, más recto y tengo menos dolor más de un año y medio después! ¡Es tan dedicado! ¡Dale la oportunidad de ayudarte!”

Adrian C.

via Google

After suffering with chronic back pain for three years, Chris was able to heal me in 4-months.  I was down to walking as my only form of exercise.  After 4-months I've started an incremental running regimen, lifting some weights, and bike riding. I can't recommend his services enough and have referred many people his way.  I hope this review helps to spur people with pain to seek his help.  You won't regret it!

Polly L.

a través de Yelp

“Dr. Gumbs es increíble. Él es realmente bueno en lo que hace. Es amable, compasivo y realmente se preocupa. La punción seca no es divertida, pero está funcionando para mí. Intenté todo y finalmente encontré a Dr. Gumbs. ¡Ojalá hubiera sabido de él antes!”

GNell P.

via Google

I went to Latitude to prep for a half marathon after struggling with some plantar fasciitis and knee pain. Chris found the source of pain, gave me great and effective exercises to cross train and support my runs, and did some much needed Dry Needling. I found the services at Latitude to be excellent. My half was a PR that year because of Chris at Latitude!

Jacob M.

a través Yelp

“Dr. Gumbs no solo tiene conocimientos y habilidades en su disciplina, sino que también es extremadamente amigable y profesional. Realmente aprecio el tiempo que él toma para escucharme, explicar exactamente lo que está pasando con mi cuerpo, y hablarme sobre el proceso de lo que está haciendo. Personalmente, me encanta la punción seca. Lo encuentro fascinante y disfruto ver y sentir las cosas maravillosas que hace para mi cuerpo activo.”

Anita R.

via Google

Went in for a consultation and Chris was amazing at analyzing what was going on and finding exercises to get my body working at its best. Really excited to continue working with him.

Phillip W.

a través de Yelp

“¡Dr. Gumbs es fantástico en lo que hace, especialmente en agujas! Puede que no sea cómodo aguantar, ¡pero los efectos realmente han sido increíbles! ¡Recomendaría Dr. Gumbs y sus prácticas a cualquier persona que necesite fisioterapia! ¡Es muy atento, amable e dedicado a sus clientes para asegurarse de que se sientan cómodos para hacer el progreso necesario para volver a la función física completa! El es fantastico! ¡No puedo decir lo suficiente!”

Manda I.

via Google

"Dr. Chris Gumbs is really knowledgeable about physiotherapy and passionate about helping people, and it shows through his work. Prior to seeing him, I suffered from headaches for 25 years that were diagnosed by a neurologist as migraines. Despite trying various supplements, diet adjustments, preventative medications, and treatments, as well as avoiding anything I suspected could possibly be a headache trigger (caffeine, citrus fruits, perfume, ponytails!), I was getting headaches multiple times per week, and I relied on prescription rescue medication in order to function. After a couple months of physiotherapy at Latitude PT, I am thrilled to find that my headaches have drastically declined in both frequency and severity. I rarely have any pain now, and I have only taken medication twice total in the last 90 days! Chris uses a holistic approach that focuses on whole-body healing instead of just on treating symptoms, and it has definitely changed my life. If you are feeling discouraged by pain or limited performance, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment at Latitude Physiotherapy so that you can experience your own success story!"

Kathryn M.

a través de Thumbtack

“Es un placer trabajar con Dr. Gumbs. Inicialmente tenía mis dudas sobre la "punción seca," pero después de varios tratamientos, mi dolor de espalda crónico y dolor de hombro han mejorado enormemente. Trabajar en conjunto con la atención quiropráctica y la instrucción de pilates ha cambiado enormemente mi calidad de vida. Ir a Dr. Gumbs para recibir tratamientos y el programa de ejercicios en el hogar que proporcionó fue lo que me dio el empujón final que necesitaba para recuperarme.”

Michael F.

via Yelp

Chris is an exceptional therapist and works hard to find solutions that work for you. I was dealing with chronic hip pain. After two sessions with Chris I've noticed considerable gains. Thanks you, Chris!

Chris G.

via Google

Chris is an incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and highly trained physiotherapist. I went in with neck and shoulder pain and was very impressed by his methodical approach to determining the root cause of the issue and then addressing it effectively. I highly recommend Chris to help restore full function and mobility!

Claire S.

a través de Thumbtack

“Aprecié el profundo conocimiento de Dr. Gumbs sobre anatomía y patrones que tienden a formarse dentro del cuerpo. Siempre aprendí algo nuevo cada vez que tenía una cita con él. Su energía y comportamiento fueron acogedores desde la primera sesión y me sentí muy bien después de cada tratamiento.”

Andrew P.

via Thumbtack

Chris is awesome, and has helped me address several muscular issues that have kept me sidelined. I'd highly recommend you work with him.

Phyllis S.

a través de Email

“A los 67 años, tenía hábitos a largo plazo que necesitaban corrección. Dr. Gumbs fue muy competente y paciente con sus explicaciones y dirección. Dejé cada tratamiento con una función mejorada para la postura, el equilibrio y la marcha. Dr. Gumbs me inspiró a comprometerme con objetivos activos y saludables. Siempre estaré agradecido por la atención que me ofreció Dr. Gumbs.”

Megan C.

a través de Facebook

“Hoy me enseñó más acerca de mi cuerpo y cuales músculos necesitan activarse para sanarse que un mes de fisioterapia en otra oficina. Si buscas lo mejor, Dr. Gumbs lo es. Trata con los pacientes impresionante y tiene una alma hermosa. Llamale.”

Karoline M.

a través de Email

“Antes de ver a Dr. Gumbs para fisioterapia, me dolía mucho el hombro y me afectaba todos los días. Después de la primera sesión, pude sentir una gran diferencia y sentí mucho menos dolor. Gracias, Dr. Gumbs por el trabajo honesto y de calidad que haces y por las vibraciones felices que siempre envías.”

Jeanne C.

a través de Thumbtack

“Dr. Gumbs tiene conocimientos innovadores para curar su cuerpo. Él toma en serio sus problemas y profundiza para proporcionar un alivio más rápido a largo plazo para su dolor muscular/tendinoso.”

Mike B.

a través de Google

“Que cambia la vida. Después de luchar con problemas de espalda y piernas durante años y tratar todas las opciones bajo el sol, Dr. Gumbs finalmente pudo llegar a la raíz del problema a través del tratamiento y la educación. Más allá de los resultados, también me hizo sentir cómodo durante todo el procedimiento y es una buena persona para conocer.”

Lucia G.

via Thumbtack

Each time I had gone to Dr. Gumbs I have received excellent resolve from his Therapeutic treatment and I will continue with his treatments. He really cares about his patients.

Julie S.

a través de Yelp

“Dr. Gumbs es increíble! He sufrido migrañas crónicas durante los últimos 15 años, y LatitudePT simplemente ha cambiado mi vida al solucionar el dolor de cabeza, cuello y hombro / espalda superior. No es como las prácticas de fisioterapia más grandes en las que alguien le dice que haga un ejercicio y luego se va y ayuda a otro paciente. Esto es uno a uno y es inapreciable.”

Adam S.

a través de Facebook

“No puedo decir lo suficiente sobre su enfoque, abordando la cadena cinética completa y brindando alivio inmediato de problemas crónicos y de muchos años a través de la punción seca. Nunca he experimentado algo así y he visitado con docenas de fisioterapuetas. Él ha tratado los problemas que he tenido por muchos años incluyendo mis codos, caderas y hombros. También ha abordado los patrones posturales y respiratorios. Es un enfoque holístico. Recomiendo confiadamente al Dr. Gumbs a cualquier amigo muy activo con lesiones crónicas que no responda a otras modalidades de tratamiento.”


via Thumbtack

I have learned so much and am getting stronger by the day.

Mark T.

via Google

"I do recreational acrobatics as well as a lot of cycling and rock climbing. Between these hobbies, I've found myself with a wide array of weird muscle strains. Dr. Chris is an excellent practitioner and applies a wide variety of methods to help you feel better. In addition to that, he walks you through the necessary exercises you need to do to stay feeling better and not have to keep coming back! It's also worth mentioning: Dry needling has become very popular over the past year or so. I've never worked with anyone who understands or applies that technique better than Dr. Chris."

Marita G.

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